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Zehnder releases results following efficiency comparison


Ceiling mounted radiant heating panels save energy costs of up to 44% compared with conventional air heating

(NBZEH09052011UK) Date 23 May 2011: The construction industry has been under pressure to reduce the cost of heating spacious buildings from trade and industry as fuel bills have more than doubled in the last five years. As a result, Zehnder recently conducted an efficiency comparison test in a bid to bring these costs under control.

It is generally agreed that conventional air heating, particularly in large buildings (industrial workspaces and public arenas), is outdated and a cheaper alternative is required. The main reasons for this are that air heating requires a high heater temperature which takes a considerable time to reach. As warm air rises, a great deal of heat is lost through the ceiling to the outside.

Zehnder carried out an efficiency comparison survey in buildings with heights of 20m or more. The survey used space-saving ceiling mounted radiant panels for heating and cooling –developed by Europe's market leader, Zehnder Group UK Ltd - and compared them with conventional air heating.

The results were very conclusive.

Comfortable heating levels can be reached and felt almost immediately using ceiling mounted heating panels without the need to first heat the ambient air using conventional heating methods. Their energy is only converted to heat when it meets surfaces such as floors, walls, objects and people, transferring around 70 percent of their heat as radiation from above.

The ambient air with conventional heating has to be about 6°C higher than with ceiling mounted heaters for the same perception of warmth. So, we may perceive a temperature of 18°C when the air and mean surface temperatures are in fact 15°C and 21°C respectively. Each degree Celsius saved when heating the air drastically reduces the total energy consumption needed for heating spaces. This is where ceiling mounted radiant panels for space heating have a unique advantage over air heating:

Zehnder ceiling mounted radiant panels showed a 44.5 percent energy saving when compared to air heating. This was attributed to four key findings:

Radiant panels have an extremely quick response time to reach the required surface temperature and radiate heat efficiently.

Heat is generated where the radiated heat touches a surface.

An even temperature distribution is achieved throughout the entire room height and area.
Air circulation is not required to spread the heat - so no fans are needed.

Ceiling mounted radiant panels are the first choice heating installation to guarantee higher energy efficiency, increased comfort and reduced operating cost.

About Zehnder
Zehnder is a subsidiary of the Zehnder Group in Switzerland. The Zehnder group has representatives world-wide and is the European market leader in the construction of special design.