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Press Release

Beermat Authors offer Financial Masterclass for Entrepreneurs


Mike Southon and Jeff Macklin two of the co-authors of the highly successful book ‘Finance on a Beermat’ are leading a one-day conference taking place in March in Central London.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners and senior managers the objective of this event is to demystify business finance in a jargon-free environment.

Produced by all delegates attending the Finance Masterclass will also receive a complimentary copy of the book.

‘You’re an entrepreneur,’ people say, ‘so you must be able to read a balance sheet.’

Great if you can, but there are many excellent entrepreneurs who can’t. Don’t be ashamed to be among them – but read on, and change that.

A balance sheet answers questions about ‘owning’ and ‘owing’.

‘If all our creditors decided to, and were allowed to, walk in tomorrow and take away what they were owed, what would be left for the shareholders?’

It answers questions about the company’s resilience to changes in fortune, and thus how risky an investment it is*.

This interactive Masterclass will provide you with a set of tools and skills that will help you really understand what’s going on in your business and allow you to focus on the key areas that need attention;

The speakers will demystify the language of finance using examples from real life and a case study business that will be used throughout the day. – if you want to attend this event then there are limited places left that can be booked at Register here

Nick James, founder of says, “The realities of running a modern business are challenging and the pace of business is continuously accelerating – our events are geared to successful, growing businesses and provide entrepreneurs with the information they need.”

The Finance Masterclass is an absolute must for anyone running or thinking of running a business who finds the finance side ‘daunting’.
James concludes,” In our business you are only as good as your last event and we are delighted to say that our last event received an average delegate rating of 8.3 out of 10 with 28% giving us a perfect 10!!”

*Taken from Finance on a Beermat by Mike Southon, Chris West, Stephen King & Jeff Macklin. Published by Random House Business Books. Copyright © 2006 Mike Southon, Chris West, Stephen King & Jeff Macklin