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Press Release announcing discovery of Covid-19 treatment by using revolutionary genetic predictive models


Potsdam, Germany:, a Potsdam, Germany based genetic analytics start-up today announced the discovery of the direct impacts of cyclin-dependent kinase 6 (CDK6) and neutrophils on patients with severe COVID-19.’s scientists simulated the severe COVID-19 phenotype in genomic data with its proprietary AI prediction platform in order to find gene variants that influence the disease outcome. logo logo

“Currently investigated immune blockers had only weak signals in our simulation whereas CDK6 inhibitors showed strong causal effects to prevent lung thromboinflammation, the main deadly outcome of severe COVID-19. I am very proud of the team. Our aim is to contribute to better and faster treatment of patients during this global pandemic using novel statistical tools for genomics.” said Dr. Joern Klinger, CEO and co-founder.

Patients can now expect a much faster availability of COVID-19 treatments by utilizing three repurposed and already regulatory approved drugs, which were developed by three global pharmaceutical companies to medicate breast cancer successfully. will continue to work with research organizations across the globe using the unique platform and applying its library, drug target linkage and diagnostics solutions.

About is delivering next generation insights from genomic data and has developed the technology for the analysis of wide genomic data to unlock the full potential of the genome for better diagnostics and new therapeutics. Instead of conducting large numbers of quasi-random tests for correlations,’s AI uses contextual knowledge to generate a manageable number of hypotheses of which variants or interactions could have a bearing on the trait, which are subsequently tested. Discover more at and follow us @biotx_ai.

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