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Businesses conclusively tackle data leak prevention, says Launchpad Europe research


Interim figures from new IT Security Index 2009 show that preventing data leakage is now a priority for most businesses around the world

Storage Expo, London, UK – 14th October 2009 – At the end of a decade that saw countless incidences of data leakage from the world’s most high-profile organisations (HSBC, RAF, Kaiser Permanente and NHS, to name a few), businesses are finally starting to take data leak prevention seriously.

Launchpad Europe logo
Launchpad Europe logo

Interim figures from the Launchpad Europe IT Security Index 2009, unveiled at the 2009 IT security showcase in central London, showed that 93 percent of businesses worldwide are using data security tools to prevent confidential data leakage.   Of the businesses surveyed, 65 percent have deployed email/web filtering and analysis, 66 percent encrypt hard drives, 51 percent audit and monitor employee computer, and forty percent encrypt employee USB memory sticks. Only eight percent of firms used biometrics. 

“There is so much hype about data security and potential leaks of confidential information that it’s easy to feel daunted by the decision of what to do about it,” said Mike Burkitt, technical director at Launchpad Europe. “Initial figures from our international survey show that the vast majority of businesses have taken at least some action towards preventing their confidential data from being leaked to criminals, competitors and the world at large.”

Burkitt continued, “As innovators try to get one step ahead by creating new ways of preventing confidential data leaks – and as businesses start taking the threat more seriously – we hope to see a downward trend in the number of embarrassing and legally compromising data leaks worldwide.”
Interim results from the Launchpad Europe IT Security Index also indicated that two-thirds of companies will consider buying additional data security tools in the next 12 months. Just over 60 percent of companies will look into hard drive encryption and/or employee computer monitoring and auditing software. Fifty-three percent will consider USB memory stick encryption and/or web analysis and filtering.

The 10 minute survey is still open to respondents and it officially closes on November 20th: Please visit the Launchpad Europe website to enter.

Six respondents could win either a new iPod Touch or a nio™ gadget guardian by TenBu Technologies

An executive summary of all findings—including security in the cloud, the use of managed services, and the impact of recession on IT security budgets – will be published in December.


About the survey:
The Launchpad Europe IT Security Index 2009 is intended to help understand how IT security professionals and their organisations approach IT security challenges.

There are four sections in the survey: security in the cloud, data leakage, managed services, and IT in the recession and the role of the trusted adviser.

The breakdown of respondents per geographic region is currently as follows:

UK – 27.1%
Mainland Europe – 14.6%
North America – 39.6%
South America – 2.1%
Middle East – 4.2%
Far East – 4.2%
Australasia – 8.3%

The survey is open to respondents until November 20th. To participate, please visit the Launchpad Europe website.

Six respondents could win either a new iPod Touch or a nio™ gadget guardian by TenBu Technologies.

About Launchpad Europe:
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