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Citrix Online Advances Market Leadership with Newly Launched GoToAssist Express and Enhanced GoToAssist Corporate


Uniquely Positioned Citrix Online Offers the Only Full Suite of Web-Based Remote Support Services

AMERSHAM, UK – February 18, 2009 – Reasserting the bold innovation that led Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS), to create the clientless remote support category, the company is today proclaiming the market’s first and only full suite of Web-based remote support solutions to meet the needs of anyone, from individuals to large organizations.  Newly launched following a beta that attracted over 110,000 business users, Citrix® GoToAssist Express® is a dynamic Web-based remote-support service that enables individuals and small businesses to instantly provide online technical support to their clients.  Also unveiled today is a new version of Citrix® GoToAssist Corporate®, the company’s flagship support solution, which is purpose built for larger teams and currently used by many of the most respected organizations in the world.

“Market-disrupting technology has always distinguished Citrix Online as a leader in designing and developing innovative, elegantly simple Web-based services, and this latest bold move to offer a full suite of remote tools for tech support continues that legacy,” said Brett Caine, general manager, Citrix Online. “In fact, Citrix Online first revolutionised the tech support industry back in 2000 by literally creating the category of clientless remote support upon which GoToAssist Express and GoToAssist Corporate are based. Staying ahead of the pack through product innovation is at the core of our company’s DNA.”

GoToAssist Express and GoToAssist Corporate offer unique benefits to different kinds of users:

GoToAssist Express is an affordable, easy-to-use remote-support tool that enables individual support professionals to reduce travel time, lower support costs and amaze clients (which may include friends and family) by delivering fast and secure online service. For example, an IT or software consultant can access a client’s computer to troubleshoot a problem, run a system diagnostic, install software or patches, and provide training. Similarly, an accounting consultant can remotely update a client‘s accounting software, conduct routine maintenance such as backups or monthly reports, or consult with the customer on bookkeeping issues. Meanwhile, internal IT staff can use it to support both on-site and remote employees without security or firewall concerns.

A new 24 hour ‘day pass’ for GoToAssist Express has also been launched, enabling individuals and small businesses to quickly provide live technical assistance to colleagues, clients, friends and family who are being held hostage by computer software and hardware glitches. The day pass can be downloaded directly from the Web to carry out instant remote support. GoToAssist Express is available for as low as US $55.00 per month for an annual subscription.  The 24-hour day pass option is available for only US $9.95 to provide remote tech support during any 24-hour period.  For more information about GoToAssist Express or to sign up for a free product trial, visit

GoToAssist Corporate is a comprehensive remote-support solution with advanced features that enable multi-agent support centers to provide a superior customer experience while maximizing employee productivity. The technology offers professional support providers in any environment—help desk, IT manager, industry consultant, etc.—to garner a significant competitive advantage by responding to more customers in less time, slashing travel and support costs, and improving customer satisfaction and first-time call resolution. GoToAssist Corporate’s latest version includes the following enhancements:

-         Mac support
-         Multiple monitor support
-         The ability to reboot and automatically reconnect into session while in Safe Mode
-         A simpler user interface

According to leading research firm IDC’s “Worldwide Clientless Remote Support Software 2008-2012 Forecast,” (1) the clientless remote-support market is growing from $126.1 million in 2007 to $335.7 million in 2012 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6%. Drivers for this growth, according to IDC’s Matt Healey, include the proliferation of small and medium-size businesses and consumers who have an increased need for remote IT support and organizations that need to support both their external customers and internal employees.

GoToAssist Express has enabled the owner of a small software company to significantly expand his business by overcoming previous growth obstacles. “Using GoToAssist Express has turned my company around,” said Wayne Lundy, a software developer and owner of Trinity Software Solutions. “I’ve been able to grow where I wasn’t able to before because my clients and potential clients are located around the country. Without GoToAssist Express, I was stuck. Since using GoToAssist Express I’ve grown my business by 50%.”

Lundy's small software company administers a rather complex desktop database application for a group of mental health professionals across the country. He supports his clients’ computer needs by providing attended support using GoToAssist Express. Lundy added, “The biggest asset is ease of use. When I get a call from a client who is admittedly computer challenged, as long as they can get on the Internet, I can hook them up to my PC without any trouble. This is great software, I love it!”

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About Citrix
Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) is the global leader and the most trusted name in application delivery infrastructure. More than 215,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to deliver any application to users anywhere with the best performance, highest security and lowest cost. Citrix customers include 100 percent of the Fortune 100 companies and 99 percent of the Fortune Global 500, as well as hundreds of thousands of small businesses and prosumers. Citrix has approximately 8,000 partners in more than 100 countries. Annual revenue in 2007 was $1.4 billion.
(1) Source: IDC, Worldwide Clientless Remote Support Software 2008-2012 Forecast, Doc # 213625, August 2008

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