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Press Release Launches Forum Dedicated to All Things eSIM


European MVNO launches forum to offer eSIM users a dedicated space where they can learn about the new technology and share their knowledge and thoughts.

London, United is once again proving why it is one of the world’s leading eSIM providers, this time by launching a forum called Planet eSIM that offers mobile users a centralized repository of information related to embedded SIM technology.

Planet eSIM is an online hub where mobile users can learn more about eSIM technology by asking questions and engaging with other eSIM enthusiasts and users. After signing up for an account, forum members can participate in existing discussions or start new ones.

The aim of launching the Planet eSIM forum is to offer mobile users a niche space where they can learn about how the new technology works and how it enhances the mobile experience. Instead of having to search the internet for answers, eSIM users can find all the information they may need in one place that is dedicated entirely to the topic.

eSIM is an emerging technology so there is not a lot of information about it and resources for users to find answers to questions or technical issues they may encounter. Planet eSIM will fill this need according to Technology Director, Gerry O’Prey

“There is still a surprising lack of understanding about eSIMs and particularly about the differences between the Consumer and M2M eSIM standards. The goal of our eSIM forum is to address this and to encourage people to experiment with this exciting new technology.”

The GSMA first started discussing the possibility of a programmable SIM card in 2010 and the first eSIM enabled device made its debut in 2015. Although its adoption has been slow, the global demand for eSIM technology is rising dramatically with projections showing that by 2025 between 2 and 3 billion smartphones will use an eSIM.

As the market expands and more consumers adopt the new technology, the need for information will increase too. Planet eSIM aims to be the leading resource for information and a trusted forum where mobile users can converge and discuss all things eSIM.

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