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Hoptroff announces the appointment of Suzanne Ellis to its board of directors


London 14th March 2023: Hoptroff, the global end-to-end precision timing service solutions provider offering resilient traceable and precise time to enterprise businesses, has today announced Suzanne Ellis as its latest board member, with immediate effect.

Suzanne Ellis
Suzanne Ellis

With this appointment, Suzanne brings over 20 years of experience in large-scale transformation and change across all business functions and geographies.

Suzanne recently led the demerger of Haleon from GSK, creating a £31.5bn market cap in the FTSE 20. Before leading the demerger, Suzanne led a series of global, complex programmes including GSK-Pfizer Consumer Healthcare integration, GSK-Novartis Consumer Health Integration, GSK Supply Chain transformation, and numerous operating model changes, innovation launches, and tech and business continuous improvement projects. Moreover, Suzanne is a Non-Executive Director at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

David Hulbert, Chairman of Hoptroff, commented: “We are very pleased to have Suzanne join the board. She brings a wealth of experience in both building high-growth profitable businesses and investment management. As Hoptroff continues to grow, I’m sure she will prove to be a valuable member of the Hoptroff family.

Alongside the rest of the board, I welcome the value and the unique perspective she will bring to Hoptroff’s structuring of future deals and investments. Suzanne’s previous experience will help spearhead Hoptroff’s next phase.”

On her appointment, Suzanne says: “I am incredibly excited to be joining Hoptroff’s Board of Directors. As the digital world increases in speed, precise traceable time will become increasingly important to open many of the opportunities in front of us now and those that lay before us. I passionately believe that Hoptroff is uniquely placed to realise these.

I’m impressed with the trajectory that the company under CEO Tim Richards is heading in, and I’m looking forward to contributing to the growth of the company as we delve deeper into this digital age.”

For more information on Suzanne’s appointment to the Board of Directors click the link.

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About Hoptroff
Hoptroff provides plug-and-play software solutions that deliver precision timing and time synchronisation for businesses worldwide. Our advanced technologies ensure business leaders meet compliance obligations, improve operational efficiency, and minimise costs while reducing risk and ensuring business continuity.

To ensure maximum resilience, security, and accuracy, our core time feed is direct from official UTC time sources, including NIST and RISE, and delivered over secure terrestrial networks. This eliminates the risk of jamming, spoofing, intrusion and interference from solar weather.

The network-delivered solution supports multiple industries globally, including financial services, media and broadcasting, gaming, internet of things, e-commerce, and distributed ledger technology. Our software is highly resilient, secure, verified, auditable, cost-effective and easy to install, use, scale and maintain. It provides the highest level of compliance, security, and accuracy, ensuring seamless business operations and effective risk management for the future.

We call this Hoptroff Smart Timing™. We take care of time so you don’t have to.