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Huawei to deploy the largest HSPA Network in Middle East and North Africa


Latest commercial contract win strengthen strategic partnership with Etisalat

Dubai, UAE – October 31st, 2006 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, (“Huawei”), a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, announced today that the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (“Etisalat”) has selected Huawei as its major supplier for the construction of its nationwide UMTS/HSPA network.

Under the contract, Huawei will provide the new generation UMTS equipment including more than one thousand Node-B base stations for the construction of a nationwide (UMTS/ HSPA) network, which will be the first HSPA network based on Iub/IP (Interface UMTS B/ Internet Protocol) transmission in Middle East and North Africa. Being a fast developing multinational operator, Etisalat has networks covering more than 14 countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Huawei has been working with Etisalat since December 2003 for the launch of its commercial 3G services in the UAE. The 3-year partnership has laid a strong foundation for further collaboration between Etisalat and Huawei for the construction of its UMTS/HSPA network in the UAE.

“The UAE HSPA network has a significant strategic implication to Etisalat. It sets the ground for global expansion of our 3G development,” said Nasser Salim, General Manager, Etisalat Network Planning. “Huawei’s innovative solutions offer us the competitive advantage and will help us consolidate our leadership in the global 3G marketplace.  At Etisalat, we are committed to providing the best 3G experience for our customers.”

The new generation of Huawei UMTS equipment adopts a high-efficiency power amplifier and multi-carrier technologies and supports all features of HSPA and internet protocol (IP) transmission which will effectively improve overall network performance. The distinctive technology advantages of IP RAN (Radio Access Network) and HSPA allowed Huawei to stand out from the other six companies in the tender process.

“Huawei is pleased to work with Etisalat as its major supplier for its UMTS/HSPA network,” said Wang Jiading, Vice President, Huawei Technologies Middle East and North Africa Operations. “We are committed to helping Etisalat build a quality UMTS/HSPA network, and create maximum value for our customers through innovative solutions and services.”
Etisalat and Huawei has been working on other projects in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. As of October 2006, Huawei has won 35 UMTS/HSPA commercial contracts worldwide Which demonstrating Huawei’s expertise in the deployment of large-scale networks by focusing on customer requirements, as well as creation of long-term value and potential growth for its customers.
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About Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Huawei”) is a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for its customers. Huawei’s products and solutions are deployed in over 100 countries and serve 24 of the world’s top 50 operators, as well as over one billion users worldwide. For more information, please visit

About  Etisalat
Etisalat has been the telecommunications service provider in the United Arab Emirates since 1976. Since then, it has built up state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure and proved to be an innovative and reliable operator among regional and international operators.

It ranks among the Financial Times Top 500 Corporations in terms of market capitalisation, and the sixth largest company in the Middle East in terms of market capitalisation according to London-based magazine, The Middle East.
Etisalat provides a wide range of services on its fixed line network, mobile, Cable TV, Internet and other telecom services.