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iMaps Capital Markets expands product portfolio with actively managed certificate for AI trading strategy


With its newly launched Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI), iMaps Capital Markets is pursuing a trading strategy supported by artificial intelligence in order to benefit from developments on the international currency markets.

Liechtenstein, May 19, 2022 – iMaps Capital Markets (iMaps), a brand of the European structured products issuer iMaps ETI AG, in cooperation with Aiternativ Ltd. launched a new exchange-traded investment product: the Aiternativ Dynamic ETI (ISIN: DE000A3GW617). This exchange-traded instrument uses artificial intelligence in the form of a trading algorithm to control the underlying assets in order to generate reliable returns in the forex markets. It has recently been traded on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and is approved for public distribution in Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and Austria.

The investment strategy represented by this innovative certificate is based on the total return approach and thus aims to always achieve positive returns with limited risk and to secure the profits already made. Investments are made exclusively in contracts for difference (CFDs), i.e. derivative products, on the foreign exchange market (FOREX). The strategy is based on an automated trading system that identifies, evaluates and, if necessary, trades in short-term volatility breakouts. Aiternativ Ltd. developed this system based on strict risk management principles.

In the underlying asset of the actively managed ETI, currencies and contracts for difference can be used for both appreciation (long positions) and depreciation (short positions) assumptions. As a result, it enables extensive flexibility and a return that is independent of the general stock and bond markets.

“I am pleased that we can now add another thematic exchange traded product to our portfolio, which is based on active currency management. Since the currency markets hardly correlate with classic shares and bonds, interesting diversification effects arise,” explains Andreas Woelfl, founder and Chairman of iMaps ETI AG. “The automated investment solution controlled by artificial intelligence, in combination with the total return approach, ensures reliable returns on the foreign exchange markets with a moderate risk profile.”

“We are delighted to be listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange in partnership with iMaps Capital Markets. This is an important milestone for our company and a great step to build on our long-term vision to become a leading provider of artificial intelligence based trading systems,” said Hugo Malhoa, Head of Business Development at Aiternativ Ltd.

About iMaps ETI AG
iMaps ETI AG is an issuer of Exchange Traded Products (ETP) in the Principality of Liechtenstein with a focus on asset manager certificates in the form of Actively Managed Certificates.

iMaps Capital Markets focuses on providing asset managers with the platform for issuing Exchange Traded Instruments (ETI) as a white label solution in order to map the respective investment strategy. The spectrum represents both ETIs on classic investments such as shares, derivatives and funds, as well as on digital assets as an underlying. As a subgroup of Exchange Traded Products, they are an interesting, rapidly growing and cost-effective alternative to funds. Thanks to the approved securities prospectus of iMaps ETI AG, there is also the possibility of publicly offering ETIs to private investors.

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About Aiternativ
Aiternativ Ltd. is a Swiss investment advisor to A.R. Suisse Financial GmbH.

Aiternativ's system uses a sophisticated automated trading tool that offers a range of investment opportunities that help investors capitalize on the power of compound interest. An important part of the system works through high-frequency, low-volume (HFLV) transactions. This means that while there are potentially hundreds of opportunities for a successful trade over the lifetime of the investment, only a tiny percentage of the account is used for the trades with the highest probability of success.

With the help of big data, AI and machine learning, historical performance data from numerous data points can be used effectively to better predict future price fluctuations and automatically react to them more effectively.

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