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Eddie Kilkelly, Managing Director at insynergi
Eddie Kilkelly, Managing Director at insynergi

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insynergi launches Change Academy a new range of bespoke coaching, training and mentoring services to meet organisational needs

…Closing the gap between learning, implementing and delivering results…

LONDON – Thursday 10th October, 2013insynergi, the bespoke coaching, mentoring and training company, today announced a new range of development programmes called the insynergi Change Academy which will help meet the demands of today’s businesses as they prepare for the economic upturn. This new style of support aims to displace traditional training courses.

Eddie Kilkelly, Managing Director at insynergi
Eddie Kilkelly, Managing Director at insynergi

The insynergi Change Academy will deliver a range of skills improvement through a combination of bespoke training, coaching and mentoring schemes. The framework is structured to operate at a number of levels including Project Sponsors, Project Leaders, Project Managers and Project Associates. Academy members will also be encouraged to continue their development through a self-sustaining community of professionals. This continuous development plan intends to help close the gap between learning, implementing new skills and delivering tangible results.

Eddie Kilkelly, Managing Director at insynergi, explains, “Research suggests that over $6.2Trillion is lost every year as a result of failed projects even though considerable resources are set aside for training each year. There has been a shift in mind set within organisations as HR directors and C-level executives realise that expenditure on training courses does not always lead to improved performance. This is where our programme truly delivers on that expectation. Our Change Academy is structured to concentrate on the skills, beliefs and attitudes required to bring about individual and organisational improvements. Our announcement today actively steers away from generic training courses although we will underpin our programme with the basics. Participants will gain practical advice, insight and knowledge from highly experienced personal coaches and mentors.”

The insynergi portfolio of support includes:

  • Project Health Checks – insynergi provides an external assurance capability which can review the performance and status of any project. 

  • Team Assessment – using a variety of diagnostic tools insynergi can help to understand the precise nature and makeup of your team. Competency assessments can be used to pinpoint the one or two skills that would have the most significant impact upon your team’s performance. Personality profiling can be used to identify the emotional “gaps” within your team.

  • Coaching/Mentoring – access to an experienced coach or mentor can be one of the most important resources you could provide. The value of having an experienced and ‘critical’ mentor to support you in your project decision making can be immense. Insynergi matches their pool of industry experienced professionals and makes support available either face-to-face on site, by telephone or email. 

  • Apprenticeship schemes – insynergi, as part of the Outsource Education Group, is already working with a number of organisations advising where apprenticeship schemes can be developed to support the organisation long term goals.

  • Interim Support – when resources are often fully utilised and an urgent additional project is identified there is a danger that it can be unnecessarily delayed. insynergi provides high quality project resources to work on short to medium term assignments.

  • Facilitation – insynergi’s expert team is available to help facilitate workshops including board meetings, programme definition, and strategic kick-off meetings. Well practiced in keeping to the agenda and moving things forward our consultants can give you the freedom to engage in the discussion rather than managing the process.

  • Software Support – insynergi can also help organisations set up and use a range of software tools in order to keep project monitoring and control processes simple and effective.

About insynergi
Founded in 2009, insynergi™ provides bespoke coaching, mentoring and training support for all levels within an organisation. The insynergi Change Academy framework is structured to operate at a number of levels including Project Sponsors, Project Leaders, Project Managers and Project Associates.

The insynergi team collectively has 300 years' experience in supporting cross industry sectors at a local and global level. The company has its headquarters in London and able to provide support globally. insynergi is part of the Outsource Education Group which has over 50 staff and a turnover of in excess of £5m.

For further information visit or follow us on Twitter @insynergi

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