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Liquavista's revolutionary displays set to transform eReader market


LiquavistaBright brings video and seamless interaction in next generation eReaders

27 October 2009 – Eindhoven – Liquavista BV., today launched its first technology platform LiquavistaBright, aimed at the booming eReader space.  Offering vastly improved usability, content compatibility and cost compared with the first generation of ereader’s, LiquavistaBright offers a high performance monochrome reflective display with video capability.

“The eReader market is crying out for a technology that provides dynamic user interaction, video and an obvious solution to color! LiquavistaBright has been developed specifically to make sure that these core consumer issues are addressed by this first technology release, without compromising on the demand for very low power consumption, readability and extended battery life.” stated Guy Demuynck, Liquavista’s CEO.  “With the opportunity in the eReader market set to grow to almost 10 billion US$ in less than 10 years* and Worldwide e-book shipments expected to reach 28.6 million units in 2013** there is a huge opportunity in the market for a product that can bring such innovation to the existing technology.”

“Current eBooks come at a premium, yet offer a very limited experience for the end user” added Nigel Litchfield, Liquavista’s Chairman. 

“With its excellent indoor/outdoor viewability, bold contrast and dynamic functionality, Liquavista’s technology is ideally positioned to revolutionise the user experience.”

“Clearly, consumers are pleased with the electronic book experience, but have been looking for more, in terms of video and color capability. Our technology roadmap is a perfect fit in offering this unique combination, including very low power consumption, directly addressing long-term consumer requirements”, added Guy.

Liquavista are developing three technology platforms (LiquavistaBright™, LiquavistaColor™ and LiquavistaVivid™) planned for product implementation throughout 2010/2011. 

The first technology platform, LiquavistaBright, will enable a smooth and fast user interface on eReader devices, thanks to the inherent video capability. Being able to move and scroll the content seamlessly will allow consumers to have a fully featured UI and significantly larger effective screen, enabling access to other more traditional online media such as web content and video, as well as both tabloid and broadsheet newsprint. In addition, these displays will be brighter and have more contrast than current solutions.  The devices using the LiquavistaBright display can combine the durable eBook experience, which can be found in the current eReaders, with a new multimedia experience, which is according to recent marketing research one of the most requested benefits of future eReaders.

The new displays can be on stand 1505 at FPD International 2009 taking place 28th October to 30 October 2009 at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan or you can see the latest video of our demonstrators by visiting

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About Liquavista –
Liquavista offers a new type of electronic screen technology that will change the way we interact with mobile phones, media players, electronic readers and other mobile devices.  Liquavista’s displays create bright and colourful images that ensure excellent indoor and outdoor viewability and use dramatically less battery power.  Users can engage with their favourite applications for longer before a recharge is necessary and battery sizes can be reduced allowing devices to be thinner and lighter.

The company’s ultimate vision is to build on the extraordinary optical performance and unique power efficiency of its technology to lead a green revolution in low power displays for notebook PCs, desktop monitors and televisions.

Liquavista was founded in 2006 as a spin-out from the world famous Philips Research Labs in Eindhoven.  The company is backed by Amadeus Capital, GIMV and Prime Technology Ventures.  It is headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  For more information please visit

For further information please contact:
Joanne Eames
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