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Looking for a Pub to watch the World Cup? There's an app for that! Footy Pubs 2010


Drinksin’s latest Nokia and iPhone applications help you plan where to watch the big games this summer, by leading you directly to pubs showing matches nearby.

To download the apps visit:

How Footy Pubs 2010 works:

  1. Open the app and hit matches nearby

  2. View a list of pubs just around the corner showing World Cup matches that day

If planning ahead:

  1. Select Match Planner

  2. Pick your city/town

  3. Select the match you want to watch

  4. Discover pubs to visit to watch your favourite nation play.

The applications developed by Drinksin, work anywhere in the UK to bring you bang up-to-date World Cup match information and amazing money saving deals and promotions from pubs and bars across the country.

Get directions to all the pubs and bars showing this summer’s big games.

Get fixtures and kick-off times in venues round the corner or anywhere you’re going. Pick a match then pick your spot.

Let Footy Pubs 2010 do all the work for you and let your mobile take you there with turn-by-turn directions straight to the bar – and the crucial games. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, never miss a goal, never miss the best seats – never be without Footy Pubs 2010 for a great summer of football!

For more visit


  • Uses GPS to find a pub or bar showing the match you want to see near your location

  • Search and browse pubs and bars with matches showing & World Cup offers

  • Tell your friends where you’ll be watching the match via Twitter & Facebook (Nokia version only)

  • Use directions to easily find the nearest World Cup pub showing the match you want to see

About Drinksin
Drinksin, one of the 2010 SMARTA100, is a location-based Pub and Bar Community, that’s changing the way people interact with pubs and bars online.

Focused around technology in particular the latest in mobile location based services and personalised customisation. Drinksin’s tools learn what users like and provide personalised recommendations for pubs, bars and events to visit based on location.

Owning over 120+ domains and with a number of new technology services being made available throughout 2010, Drinksin will connect people to drinking establishments to enjoy wherever they are in the world.

Drinksin’s city based web sites such as and are currently available in eighteen UK cities and one European city, Zagreb. For more visit

  • Drinksin London achieving 120,000 views a month.

  • Other domains achieving between 50,000 average a month.

  • 120 Drinksin domains owned

  • Drinksin as a brand achieving 650,000 per month

The Footy Pubs 2010 mobile application, the first of many mobile applications to come from Drinksin was launched on the Apple iTunes store this May. Nokia and Phones4U have also partnered up with Drinksin for the Nokia Footy Pubs 2010 application released 1st June, in time to promote and celebrate watching the World’s Greatest Football Tournament this summer.

Drinksin is a privately funded start up based in London. Co-founded by Laurence Williams, serial-entrepreneur and former Sony BMG music producer, Mark Wallis, previously Senior Technical Lead for Multimedia Services at O2 and Jaime Keenan, BA Hons Advertising and Marketing Graduate, formerly of Marketpoint, privately held marketing and advertising agency and CIT, Fortune 500 Company.

David Murray-Hundley, LinkedIn Business Leader of The Year 2010 , currently serves as Chief Executive Officer at Drinksin.  In this role, David is responsible for driving Drinkin's technical product and monetisation road map, acquiring funding and expansion of partner and customer networks. David’s career has been focused on technology, delivery and operations. David held a senior technology role with Commerce One and delivered the first British Telecom Market Site, European Covisit Automotive Exchange and many other first time solutions in Europe. Subsequent to Commerce One, David has also held CTO roles for Utility One a number of other start ups. David currently serves on the board of Adaro Red and Adaro Group. 

Contact Info

Contact:   Jaime Keenan  
Tel:    07595 624343 or 0207 1930109
Website:    For all URL’s visit:

To download from iTunes Store:

To download from Ovi Store:

Address:   27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX