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m2fx reaches major milestone with 25,000 Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) installs

US customer Champaign Telephone Company achieves savings of 40% through m2fx pushable fibre

New York and London, 30 April 2013 – Demonstrating its increasing success, m2fx today announced that its patented Miniflex™ fibre cable, microduct and protection tube has now been successfully deployed in 25,000 Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) installations around the world. Champaign Telephone Company in Illinois recently achieved the milestone, having now used m2fx’s pushable technology to connect over 150 buildings to its Metro Ethernet network.

m2fx logo
m2fx logo

The innovative Miniflex product range combines toughness and lightness with ultra flexibility, making it ideal for the last 200 metres of fibre installations. Its unique design and patented pushable technology dramatically reduces the time and cost of installations by removing the need for specialist equipment or skills. FTTP customers in the developed world report savings of up to 50% compared to traditional installation methods.

Since 2012 Champaign Telephone Company has deployed 100,000 feet of Miniflex products to connect and network inside commercial businesses, factories and hospitals and other public buildings. Since switching to m2fx it has seen a 40% reduction in labour costs combined with faster installation time – technical crews can now complete a 500 feet run of cable in just half a day, allowing next day installations for new connections.

“We’re seeing huge growth in demand for fibre connections, both to the premises of our customers and within their buildings”, said Mike Vrem, business development, Champaign Telephone Company. “m2fx’s products tick all our boxes – they are technically strong, can be used both inside and out and enable faster, cheaper installation without the need for expensive blowing equipment. As a company they are extraordinarily responsive to our needs – we can do more in less time working with m2fx, enabling us to continue to deliver the best solutions to our customers.”

With connection speeds key to competitiveness in the global economy, the FTTP market is expanding rapidly across the world. Governments and leading telcos are investing heavily to roll out and extend FTTP networks to deliver the benefits of optical fibre to an ever increasing number of buildings. Additionally these networks no longer stop at the doorway, with existing premises copper wiring replaced to deliver the speed and flexibility of Fibre to the Desktop (FTTD).

“Optical fibre networks are the arteries of today’s digital economy, enabling businesses, consumers and governments to collaborate and access information at the speed of light,” said Larry Malone, president, Americas, m2fx. “Our patented, pushable technology not only delivers the protection that these vital networks need, but dramatically brings down installation and maintenance costs, allowing their benefits to be realised for more people, more economically. While we’ve just hit 25,000 FTTP installations, this is just the beginning – we’re currently seeing 1,500 new installations every month and expect this to expand rapidly over the coming months and years.”


About m2fx
m2fx makes hard plastic flexible through its patented grooved design and process, protecting optical fibre in the last 200 metres of an install. Best known for its innovative Miniflex™ protection tube, cable and microduct products, m2fx specialises in tough yet flexible FTTX cable/microduct routing products that are designed to protect fibre yet still be light and ultra flexible to enable fast and efficient installation in the field. Its patented pushable technology dramatically reduces the time and cost of installations by removing the need for specialist equipment and skills, leading to typical savings of 50% compared to traditional methods.

Headquartered in the UK and with global sales operations, m2fx has already manufactured over 20 million metres (67 million feet) of duct and Miniflex cable at its state of the art UK production facility. m2fx products are deployed in telecoms networks, data centres, cars and aircraft in 52 countries across the world.

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