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Mitsubishi Plastics launch VIEW-BARRIER™


– Super high gas barrier film designed for electronic devices –

30 April, 2008 – Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. (MPI), today announces the European launch of its new super high gas barrier film, VIEW-BARRIER. Designed for use in the front panels of electronic devices, VIEW-BARRIER is a modified film based on MPI’s TECHBARRIER technology, which has been used in high performance food, medical, pharmaceutical and industrial packaging around the world since 1991. 

VIEW-BARRIER provides a superior level of water vapour barrier, achieving a transmission rate of up to 10-4 g/m2/day, allowing for flexible, roll-to-roll production of plastic electronics. VIEW-BARRIER is also extremely resistant, even under long term high temperature and high humidity circumstances. In addition to the excellent water vapour barrier properties, VIEW-BARRIER also has gas barrier properties for oxygen and carbon dioxide.

A specific type of MPI’s X-BARRIER super high gas barrier sheet based packaging film; VIEW-BARRIER is a transparent material with a metal-free structure. Features including anti-reflection, anti-glare, UV-cut, masking-protection, PSA-adhesive, high transparency, low contamination and the stability of gas barrier properties under high temperature and high humidity, can be adapted to meet customer needs.

VIEW-BARRIER is the perfect choice for production of front panels for electronic devices such as electronic paper, organic/non-organic electro-luminescence and photovoltaic modules, in addition to providing next generation thin, light and low-cost flat panel displays. VIEW-BARRIER also allows for a roll-to-roll process rather than glass-plate batch fabrication and has the potential to make printable electronics possible.

MPI has supplied existing manufacturing customers with samples of VIEW-BARRIER for evaluation, and its superb performance qualities have been confirmed. MPI will market the product in Asia, Europe and the Americas, utilising a supply chain system already established by its TECHBARRIER business.


Notes to the editors
TECHBARRIER Technologies ( TECHBARRIER is SiOx vacuum coating plastic film, developed and commercially sold by MPI since 1991. TECHBARRIER has been used primarily as a packaging material for food, medical/pharmaceutical and industrial contents as an alternative to aluminium foil, glass jars and tin cans. Characteristically, TECHBARRIER has a 10-1 to 10-2 cc (g)/m2/day level of oxygen (water vapour) barrier level that enables a long shelf life of contents. Its fragrance barrier is also appropriate for cosmetic and flavour products. The metal-free structure satisfies food processing customers with the availability of metal detector and microwavable food design.  These properties remain after practical use (heat treatment, retort sterilisation, mechanical stress such as automated handling, transportation, etc.). These unique characteristics have become the base technologies of X-BARRIER™.

MPI Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroshi Yoshida (

For additional information, please contact:

Contact in the UK
Simon Gomes
+44 (0)20 3043 4193

Contact in Japan: 
Mr. Shigeru Matsuoka
General Manager, TECHBARRIER & X-BARRIER Business
Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.
Hongoku 1-2-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo 103-0021 Tokyo Japan