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Keynote 2022: myWorld presents its newest products and shopping innovations


The first myWorld Keynote of the year took place on the 5th of March in the exclusive ambience of Bologna’s Lamborghini Museum. The live event focused on the latest product innovations and shopping technologies of the international group of companies.

myWorld is gearing up for its planned IPO and is continuing the course it set last year. “We have been working non-stop over the past few months to improve the shopping experience for our shoppers and make it even easier for them to save money with myWorld,” emphasises Sharif Omar, CEO of myWorld International. “That’s why I and the lead experts at myWorld were keen to inform our stakeholders about the exciting new features in another Keynote.”

Keynote 2022: myWorld presents its newest products and shopping innovations
Keynote 2022: myWorld presents its newest products and shopping innovations

myWorld OneTouch continues to be rolled out
In November 2021, myWorld OneTouch was successfully launched in the UK and Ireland. “The results were so promising that we expanded this pioneering technology to the USA, Canada and Sweden,” reports Yuri Kok, Customer Integration Manager of myWorld 360 AG. By the end of the year, myWorld OneTouch should be available in all other countries.

myWorld OneTouch takes the shopping experience for myWorld shoppers to a new level. Thanks to a new card linking system, the registration of purchases and the allocation of benefits are fully automated. “For the shopper, only a single action is required at the checkout,” Yuri Kok emphasises. “They simply have to pull out their card or select it in Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet, and they can conveniently complete the transaction and secure Cashback and Shopping Points as they go, so to speak.”

32 million products on
myWorld has also been very successful in connecting the products of its affiliate partners to Shoppers in 28 countries can now find 32 million products from myWorld partners on the company’s online platform. “This means that they only have to search for their favourite product on and can start shopping with our partners right away on our website,” says Manuel Wieser, E-Commerce Manager of myWorld 360 AG.

Also available on in 28 countries is the online marketplace’s continuously expanding product range. To ensure that myWorld customers receive the best possible results when searching for products and partners, a state-of-the-art AI search engine was implemented most recently that will soon function in 160 languages and dialects.

Small and medium-sized enterprises form the backbone of the myWorld Benefit Program. “We have a large online community that also likes to shop with these local partners,” explains Davy van Loon, Chief Marketing Officer of myWorld International. “We developed myBe@con for them. With this hardware, companies can send their customers targeted offers on the myWorld App immediately upon entering the store.” While companies save themselves expensive print advertising in this way, shoppers can also secure attractive discounts in addition to Cashback and Shopping Points. myBe@con is scheduled to be available in Fall 2022.

From myWorld Plug-in 2.0 to the new status programme
This list of innovations is joined by many more attractive features, functions and benefits. For example, the popular myWorld Plug-in for desktop browsers recently added a shopping tracker. This automatically checks if the browser settings are correct so that you never miss out on Cashback and Shopping Points when shopping with online partners.

Improvements have also been made to the free shopping list in the myWorld App, which has been expanded to include a practical share function. This allows shopping lists – or even to-do lists and birthday wish lists – to be synchronised with family or friends worldwide and in real time, making it much easier to coordinate.

In addition, myWorld is announcing a new White Label Community Program to connect clubs and organisations even more efficiently with the myWorld community. And soon, myWorld will reward its most loyal shoppers with its own status programme, offering them additional benefits such as special myWorld cards, discounts on travelWorld bookings, VIP support or a concierge shopping service.

“This is just the beginning,” promises Sharif Omar. “Our community can still look forward to some great technical achievements this year that will bring the shopping experience with myWorld to the next level. Updates to follow soon.”

Interested parties can find the complete myWorld Keynote 2022 on myWorld International’s YouTube channel.

About myWorld International
myWorld International, based in London, is the operator of the worldwide myWorld Benefit Program, which offers a wealth of attractive benefits for shoppers, retailers and service providers alike. Shoppers can enjoy Shopping Points and Cashback with every purchase from myWorld partners – regardless of whether they shop online or in-store. In turn, partners benefit from efficient customer loyalty programmes, which helps them increase their visibility and sales. More than 15 million customers and 150,000 partners in 55 markets already use the myWorld Benefit Program. More at

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