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nal von minden plans to produce 80 million rapid corona tests per month


Rapid corona testing is playing an increasingly important role in containing the pandemic everywhere – even though the first vaccines are now in sight. The medical technology company nal von minden GmbH from Moers, Germany, is therefore doubling its production: 40 million rapid antigen tests are already being produced in November. By January, this figure is expected to rise to 80 million – every month!

"We are continuing to double our production of rapid corona tests because we want to help contain the pandemic," says Roland Meissner, Managing Director of nal von minden GmbH. The demand for the NADAL® Covid-19 antigen test is very high. For this reason, monthly production in November was already increased from 20 million rapid tests to 40 million. Now production capacity is being further expanded – and fast. The new goal: to make 80 million rapid corona tests available every month from January on. "Possibly infected individuals can be detected immediately with the help of the rapid tests and, thus, other people can be better protected against corona," emphasises Meissner.

Even though the first vaccines are now in sight and new hope is emerging that the pandemic will finally end, it will certainly take some time until all or most people are vaccinated. "Rapid tests continue to play a very important role, especially for the protection of those in at risk groups," says Meissner. The rapid tests are, therefore, primarily passed on to healthcare professionals such as geriatric nurses or doctors.

The NADAL® Covid-19 antigen test is performed on site and does not need to be sent to a laboratory. The result is available in just 15 minutes. For the test, a swab from the mouth or nasopharynx is taken by a medical professional. The antigen test detects specific viral components directly: the so-called nucleoprotein antigens. These proteins encapsulate the genetic material of Covid-19 viruses, which consists of ribonucleic acid (RNA).

The quality of the NADAL® Covid-19 antigen test has been repeatedly verified. Meissner: "The diagnostic specificity is over 99.9 percent, and the diagnostic sensitivity is 97.56 percent. The specificity provides information on whether all healthy people tested are recognised as being healthy. The sensitivity indicates whether all sick people are recognised as being sick."

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