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Press Release

Never be out of touch again with credit top-up on-the-go from Truphone


London, UK – Wednesday 23rd July - Truphone has phased in important new service improvements that ensure its customers need never run out of credit again. The improvements are fourfold:

• customers can now easily top-up [refill their credit] while on the move, via either handset screen-optimised web pages or an automated telephone top-up service;
• customers may set their account to 'auto top-up' [screenshot], in which case their credit is automatically refilled when credit has fallen to a specified level;
• Truphone now sends 'low balance' SMS alerts to customers as their credit starts to exhaust;
• payments may also now be made via a wider variety of credit and debit cards.

The top-up improvements benefit all Truphone customers, including users of Truphone for the Apple® iPhone™. Designed to provide low-priced international calls for iPhone users, Truphone hit Apple’s new App Store on July 11th and was the first internet telephony application available for the iPhone.

"We've fully addressed the issues of topping-up credit while on the move, because running out is one of the most irritating things for any mobile phone user," said Gavin Miller, Truphone's director of customer services. "We listened to a range of suggestions from our customers, and we've acted on all of them. No-one ever needs to find themselves unable to use Truphone."


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Press contact
Both Barrels Communications Ltd (for Truphone)
Isabelle Bano - Tel. +44 208 255 5225

About Truphone

Truphone allows users of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones to make and receive regular telephone calls, and to send and receive SMS text messages, using only a Wi-Fi connection and the internet. Although still in beta, it has already attracted tens of thousands of users in 149 countries.

Truphone is a trademark of Software Cellular Network Limited.  Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Important information

Truphone is not a replacement for an ordinary telephone service and emergency calls cannot be made using Truphone. However Truphone does not prevent emergency calls being made via a handset’s normal cellular service provider.

Truphone cannot advise on the legality of VoIP services in specific territories or jurisdictions. It is the user's responsibility to confirm that use of the Truphone VoIP software and service is permitted in the location in which they use it.