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Nick and David neck and neck, but Gordon behind, says British business


Survey of UK companies shows LibDems and Conservatives in equal tussle for business opinion

(London, Tuesday 27th April 2010) New research amongst British business about the economic competence of the three main political parties has revealed evidence of the Clegg Effect in the country’s commercial community.  The new survey, conducted by business analysts Lindsell Marketing, shows British firms believe the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on a par for economic competence, but Labour trails far behind.

Over 1,000 firms responded to the Lindsell Marketing survey, which ended on 25th April.  They were asked, “Which of the three main political parties do you believe is best placed to give business the kind of intelligent support needed to enable reliable and rapid economic recovery?”  The Conservatives came out on top with 30% of the business vote, closely followed by the Liberal Democrats on 27%.  However, only 17% of businesses thought Labour the most capable party to bring the country back into strong economic growth.  This marks a fundamental change in business opinion, which in December 2009 put the Conservatives firmly in the lead on the question of economic competence.

Within the UK, there were country differences.  Scots businesses put Labour in the lead, whereas Welsh businesses put the Tories top.  Peaks of business support for the LibDems were seen in the North East (35%), the South West (32%) and the East of England (32%).  Conservative strongholds were seen in the Midlands (44%) and the South East (34%).   Small businesses (1-49 employees) strongly favoured the Tories, whereas smaller corporates (250-2,499 employees) came out in favour of the Liberal Democrats.

Paul Lindsell, Managing Director of Lindsell Marketing, comments, “Pre election polling naturally concentrates on the full electorate.  Yet this time round, we face a £159bn government deficit – the size which doubled between 2006 and 2008, then doubled again in a single year into 2009.  The folk who are going to generate the economic growth which reverses this appalling situation are the country’s business people.  Not only should their collective voice therefore be heard, but the electorate will also be critically interested in their expert opinion on which party they feel most competent to get the country back in the black.

“Given the results of our business poll, which so definitively places the Tories and LibDems neck and neck in front, policy analysts and advisors in both leading parties should be working even harder to find the common policy ground which would provide the basis for a viable five year plan to balance the nation’s books.”


A summary of the Lindsell Marketing survey may be obtained from

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About Lindsell Marketing
Lindsell Marketing Limited is a business analysis and marketing consultancy.  Founded in 1994, the company has been researching and investigating business issues for over 15 years in order to provide its clients with important insights into their sectors, markets and business management techniques. Lindsell Marketing has operations in London, Oxford and Turin. The company has no political affiliations, and delivers objective insights for its clients.

Survey Methodology

  • Online and telephone survey

  • 1,011 UK companies

  • Respondent profiles: general management, marketing & sales management, financial management, operations management

  • Period: 18th-25th April 2010

  • Representation by: business size bracket; region; sector.