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OG Vodafone to Offer VoIP Services with Cirpack MultiNode


Fixed & Mobile Telco Deploys TISPAN-Ready Infrastructure Enabling Migration Path to IMS

3GSM World Congress, Cannes, France, February 14, 2005 – CIRPACK, a developer of next generation voice switches for operators’ infrastructures, today announced that OG Vodafone, the alternative fixed & mobile operator in Iceland, upgraded its wireline voice switching infrastructure with Cirpack MultiNode. OG Vodafone can now provide legacy POTS & ISDN services as well as voice over IP and IP Centrex services from the same switching platform, further optimizing operations and enhancing service packages.

With Cirpack MultiNode, OG Vodafone has the ability to deploy multiservice access networks compliant with the TISPAN architecture, an industry initiative targeting seamless integration of legacy wireline phone services with an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Leveraging Cirpack’s open architecture and compliance with IMS standards, OG Vodafone can offer innovative voice over IP services to residential and business customers and now has its networks ready for delivering convergent services including fixed and mobile networks.

“OG Vodafone has been using Cirpack voice switches for several years and we have always been impressed by the flexibility and the reliability of the platform. It matches the Class-5 feature set of legacy systems and scales very easily,” explains Örn Orrason, VP Networks, OG Vodafone. “Upgrading our Cirpack LEN switch to a Cirpack MultiNode allows OG Vodafone to meet the increasing demand for our services and launch innovative packages on a large scale such as voice over IP over DSL and IP Centrex. With the Cirpack switch, we can now think of merging our wireline and wireless networks into an IMS delivering new value added and converged services to all types of users: narrowband, broadband and mobile.”

“Operators around the world are all looking at offering new innovative voice over IP services to their broadband customers. To ensure success of a massive VoIP deployment, operators must deploy next generation voice switching platforms that can really scale and maintain legacy telephony services while share the existing back office and information systems,” explain Jean-Pierre Dumolard, Cirpack’s CEO. “OG Vodafone has been delivering POTS and ISDN services with a Cirpack switch for about 3 years. We are now upgrading the platform for launching VoIP services. Tomorrow, Cirpack will enable both these narrowband and broadband wireline users to be seamlessly integrated into a converged fixed-mobile IMS architecture.”

The Cirpack MultiNode is a carrier-grade telephony platform designed to deliver a full set of voice services to hundreds of thousands of subscribers simultaneously. It is made of a Class-5 and Class-4 softswitch running on IBM eServer and highly scalable media gateways connecting IP, ATM and TDM networks together. Cirpack MultiNode enables low cost deployments of toll-grade VoIP and IP Centrex services on a very large scale while maintaining existing POTS and ISDN services and connecting to the PSTN using any flavors of SS7. Cirpack switches comply with the TISPAN architecture for integrating wireline voice services into a 3GPP’s IMS.

About OG Vodafone
Og Vodafone is the second largest telecom operator in Iceland offering fixed and mobile services to almost one-quarter of the market, ensuring secure communications for tens of thousands of individuals, as well as many of the country’s largest corporations. Og Vodafone operates its own carrier-grade mobile and fixed line telecommunications network with several secured international connections to ensure maximum quality. Through the wide-reaching co-operation agreement with Vodafone in marketing and sales as well as service and technological matters, Og Vodafone brings Icelanders world-class telecommunications services. Og is listed on the Main List of the Icelandic Stock Exchange, ICEX. For more information:

CIRPACK develops next generation voice switching platform that can be connected to TDM, ATM and IP networks to deliver advanced phone services to all types of subscribers simultaneously and provide seamless migration of wireline networks to IMS/TISPAN architecture. It provides carrier-grade reliability, scalability and regulatory features for massive deployments of broadband telephony and IP Centrex for instance as well as of legacy PSTN infrastructures delivering ISDN or POTS services. CIRPACK switches have successfully passed all certifications in a dozen countries. CIRPACK works with industry leaders such as IBM Global Services to provide global solutions. With over 2 million Class-5 licences deployed, and over 40 telco customers in 15 countries, CIRPACK is a leading player in the softswitch market. For more information, please visit

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