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Purple enables seamless and secure, contactless collection of customer details for the UK hospitality sector


Using existing guest WiFi functionality, already used by more than 5,000 hospitality providers in the UK, venues can contactlessly collect contact details of their patrons and manage the data centrally in adherence to privacy and GDPR regulations.

On Tuesday 23rd June the British Prime Minister announced that as of the 4th July, UK Pubs, bars, and restaurants could once again re-open to begin trading, in an effort to boost the struggling UK economy.

These establishments will need to adhere to the new UK government guidelines, which include requirements such as ensuring that all customers are following the new 1m rule which comes into effect the same day and customer information is collected in an effort to assist with the NHS test and trace program.

Businesses are going to have to think about how they are not only going to collect customer information but how they are going to store it correctly, to avoid incurring fines.

Manually taking each individual’s names, every time they enter the establishment could cause a large decrease in the efficiency of business operations, likely leading to the frustration of customers and potential loss of revenue.

Technology developed by Purple removes the need for manually collecting customer information, their software solution uses a combination of Guest WiFi, Location, and Presence analytics.

This data collection method also enables businesses to have an automated and clear audit of who was in the establishment and for how long, should any test and trace queries arise, something Purple has also pledged to manage for their customers.

The technology enables customers to log into the Guest WiFi in advance or whilst queuing outside, waiting to enter the venue, using social media logins, or customized forms that allow a business to capture the correct details they need to conform with the government legislation.

Once logged in, customers can receive either an SMS or Email notification which they can then show to security to gain entry.

Using a seamless connection, when a customer visits a particular venue or chain for a second time, they will be automatically connected to WiFi and logged as being in the venue without having to do anything.

Hospitality venue owners can not only collect the required information, but they can also Manage their venue density, responsibility score, and NPS rating with Purple’s Social Responsibility Dashboard. By using the Guest WiFi to check visitors in and out, venue owners will be able to have a 100% accurate view of the density of visitors at all times.

Purple also will fully manage any business test and trace inquiries so owners can focus on their business.

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