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Red Bull Racing Puts Performance Vest To The Test


Red Bull Racing is to use a unique new performance boosting vest during the Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul this Sunday.

The pit team – who helped put Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel at the top of the drivers’ table following the Grand Prix De Monaco – will all be wearing a FIR-VEST throughout the race to give them improved muscle strength, balance and circulation.

Paul Cheung of Red Bull Racing at the FIR-TEX event
Paul Cheung of Red Bull Racing at the FIR-TEX event

Last night the FIR-VEST was unveiled and demonstrated to the world’s media at a press conference in Istanbul held by its inventors, Cyprus-based company FIR-TEX Ltd.

Through  live blood analysis tests on volunteers, they were able to show how blood circulation increased after only ten minutes of wearing the vest, enabling better transport of oxygen to organs and putting less strain on the heart.

Strength and balance tests were also carried out on guests to showcase the improved stability gained when wearing the textile garment, which uses Far Infrared Rays (known to be healthy radiations) that switch on as soon as the body heat activates them.

“What we have developed using Far Infrared Rays is a true revolution,” said Iwan Postel, co-founder and CEO of FIR-TEX. “As you can imagine we are very proud to be partnered with Red Bull Racing and are very much looking forward to working within other sporting arenas, having already worked with some world-class footballers and the Dutch Handball Federation.”

The decision to make FIR-TEX an official Red Bull Racing Innovation Partner came after a year of discussions and testing by the Formula One team’s chiropractor Paul Cheung.

Mr Cheung has spent much time putting  the FIR-VEST to the test not only with the Red Bull Racing team  but also with private patients and football players at clubs such as Middlesbrough FC, Sheffield United and Leeds United.

 “In F1 racing there is a real obsession with high performance, especially in relation to the human body,” said Mr Cheung at an FIR-TEX press conference yesterday.

“We’re very happy with FIR-TEX through what we’ve experienced so far and I’m looking forward to seeing its benefits not only here in Istanbul but throughout the season.”

FIR (Far Infrared Ray) radiations can be created with a mixture of very few mineral oxides (three-four), but no company previously has come forward with the scientific evidence to support its claims.

Mr Postel and his elder brother Dick however have progressed this field of technologies and developed a new ennobled tissue, including not just three or four oxides but dozens of the best quality mineral oxides, with unequalled performance results.

“The results from our tests have been impressive and we’re now about to launch a worldwide scientific test in order for the FIR-VEST to become medically approved, enabling it to be insured by health care insurances and accessible to as many people as possible,” added Mr Postel.

More information about FIR-TEX can be found on their website at and those eager to try this new technology can purchase their very own FIR-VEST from the site.