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Remploy Frontline Reaches Into New NATO Member Markets


This is the most critical and challenging part of the company’s new business direction
LONDON, 30 September 2008 – The world’s foremost producers of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) personal protection garments and cross-contamination prevention equipment, Remploy Frontline, announced today that it is breaking new ground in the New NATO member region.  This is a significant announcement because the market there is considered relatively “closed” to outsiders, so many choose to look at other regions instead, such as the Americas and Asia. As part of its new business model, Remploy Frontline is including growth areas – such as the private toxic industrial chemical sector, personal flotation devices, and other military / performance textile and personal protection arenas – e.g. crowd control and body armour – in this new market entry strategy.

Business Manager, John Armstrong, said: “Remploy Frontline’s dedicated entry into the New NATO member markets is part of Remploy Frontline’s recent restructured business model and approach to making the company more responsive to the global market and individual customer needs. “

According to Armstrong, many in this arena feel that the door is “closed” to the “original” NATO member nations when it comes to selling defence and security products in this market.  Remploy Frontline feels this is due in part to these countries’ home-grown expertise developed during the Cold War.  However, there are four things to consider that makes Remploy Frontline think otherwise. 

First, they have new, leading-edge materials and technologies at their disposal that the new NATO members do not posses, giving them a strong competitive advantage. 

Second, together, NATO members face many of the same threats from terror groups whereas before joining NATO, these new members did not have these security challenges.

Third, Remploy Frontline has a customer-centric approach that is unique to Remploy Frontline, allowing the UK-based enterprise to service civilian and military services simultaneously for a strong integrated approach to which many of these market countries are accustomed.

Fourth, this new era of cooperation means new opportunities for all member countries to leverage their specialities in each other’s markets whereby the best companies with excellent products and services will eventually gain a strong market presence.  Armstrong and his team are confident that they will succeed.

Regional Sales Manager, Simon Peck, responsible for growth in the new NATO member markets agrees: “This is part of Remploy Frontline’s re-focus of our business model in the international arena. Remploy Frontline is in the advantageous position of being able to develop and produce bespoke CBRN solutions for a variety of customers across the board.  We made evolutionary changes to many facets of our business: from our global marketing strategy to the way we interpret and integrate market feedback with our own expertise.  This will stand us in good stead as we progress further into new territories.”

Armstrong and Peck concur that Remploy Frontline will be able to exceed customer expectations in the new NATO member market as it continues to develop cutting-edge products.  The new marketing and sales drive in this region will ensconce Remploy Frontline as a true security partner with the new NATO members in the global CBRN community.

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About Remploy Frontline

Remploy Frontline’s product portfolio includes PPE, marine and performance textiles, and contaminated casualty remains containment products. 

The Remploy Frontline core business model is based on the design, development and manufacture of CBRN products for civil agencies and military services worldwide.

Remploy is in a unique position to continually assess and evaluate the latest materials from around the world because of its product portfolio that includes market-leading CBRN accessories. 

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Remploy’s values are centred on excellence, employee equality, innovation, integrity, and product quality.  These can be seen in every aspect of what Remploy produces.