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SML Partners With Elo to Enhance Interactive In-Store Solutions


Dallas, Texas - 29th November 2022: SML, the end-to-end RFID specialist, today announces that it has partnered with Elo, a leading global supplier of interactive touchscreen solutions. By combining RFID technology with Elo’s interactive touchscreen solutions, this partnership brings two industry-leading technology solutions together, enabling retailers to enhance customer engagement and the overall user experience.

SML is the leading global provider of end-to-end, item-level RFID technology to the retail supply chain. With 5,500 stores across the globe, operating its cloud-based, item-level, enterprise RFID software suite, Clarity®, SML RFID enables retailers to boost inventory accuracy and enhance store operations.

SML and Elo
SML and Elo

Elo invented the touchscreen more than 50 years ago and has since become a global leader in commercial touchscreen solutions. Today, with more than 25 million installations across the globe, Elo boasts a broad interactive product portfolio widely adopted by retailers for interactive applications such as point-of-sale, digital signage, price checkers, and in-store e-commerce. Elo’s partnership with SML on joint end-user engagement and experience enhancement projects will empower retailers to deploy an interactive hardware solution integrating a comprehensive range of products all on the same platform.

Maarten Bais, EMEA general manager and vice president of Elo, said: “SML’s item-level RFID technology has been a game-changer for a number of its partners, and we are already reaping the benefits of joining forces to provide complete technology solutions to our customers. An example is Swedish retailer MQ, which deployed the new solution in their fitting rooms.”

Dean Frew, CTO and senior vice president of RFID solutions at SML Group, said: “Elo provides a host of leading customer experience products. Integrating our RFID technology in Elo products will allow us to further streamline in-store operations for Elo customers.”

“We have been collaborating closely with the Elo team to ensure SML can provide optimal value to its customer experience solutions, and we are looking forward to strengthening our relationship and developing a long-term partnership,” added Frew.

Mattias Liljenberg, CIO at MQ, which has already deployed the solution in its stores in Sweden, said, “The development of our store concept, combined with new technology like the fitting room solution from SML, facilitates and creates more opportunities for an even better customer experience. Changing consumer behaviours in retail mean that shopping is also seen as a natural meeting place, combined with experiences and entertainment. We see exciting opportunities in being part of the transformation of the new era of retailing, where digital enhances the personal encounter.”


With a presence in over 20 countries, SML Group is the global end-to-end RFID and brand identification solutions provider, delivering proven results and rapid ROIs to brands in the new era of retailing. We offer innovative Inspire™ and EcoInspire™ labelling and packaging products, high-performance RFID tags and encoding services across industries. Our proprietary software, Clarity®, is the only item-level RFID solution that is engineered and deployment-proven for vertical retailers and brand owners with stores. As an invaluable partner of brands, SML is committed to developing tech-driven solutions that power brand transformation and prosperity. For details, please visit

About Elo
As a leading global supplier of interactive solutions, #EloIsEverywhere. Elo invented the touchscreen over 50 years ago and has since deployed more than 25 million interactive installations in over 80 countries. Built on a unified architecture, Elo’s broad portfolio allows Elo customers to easily Choose, Configure and Connect & Control to create a unique experience. Choose from all-in-one systems, open-frame monitors and touchscreen monitors ranging from 7 to 65 inches. Configure with our unique Elo Edge Connect peripherals that allow use-specific solutions. Connect & Control with EloView®, a secure cloud-based platform for Android-powered devices. EloView enables secure deployment and management of a large network of interactive systems designed to reduce operating costs while increasing up-time and security.

Consumers can find Elo touchscreen solutions in self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, interactive signage, gaming machines, hospitality systems, point-of-care displays and transportation applications—to name a few. Learn more at