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Press Release

Truphone adds 260 hotspots to its network with Surf and Sip


Large latte? Would you like mobile phone calls with that?

London, UK – 22nd November 2007 - Truphone today announced the addition of 260 hotspots to the expanding estate of locations from where Truphone can be used to make free and low-cost mobile phone calls over Wi-Fi and the Internet. The 260 hotspots, operated by wireless internet service provider Surf and Sip, are currently sited within Caffe Nero coffee houses, with more locations planned to follow.

Core facts

1. Using a Surf and Sip Wi-Fi hotspot is completely straightforward, with no registration, sign-up process or need to enter credit card details. Truphone customers simply run the Truphone Wizard once to log on and begin making calls.
2. Currently, Truphone is available for a range of handsets including Nokia's E-series handsets and several N-series handsets. Owners of a compatible handset can get Truphone simply by texting the word 'TRU' to 07624 000000 or by visiting the Truphone web site.
3. Truphone calls from Surf and Sip Wi-Fi hotspots are charged at just 3p/minute more than Truphone's standard published rates. Under Truphone's present price promotion (valid until at least the end of December 2007) this means that Truphone call charges from a Surf and Sip hotspot are:
- 3p/minute to landlines in 40 countries
- 3p/minute to cellphones USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
- 18p/minute or less to EU mobiles, with no connection charge.
4. Surf and Sip provides high-speed wireless Internet access in cafes, hotels, restaurants and other high traffic public establishments.


Chris Isaacs, Truphone's Business Development Director, said:

• "Making mobile calls over their coffee is what many people do anyway, but now it costs less. And, because each Surf and Sip location appears the same to a Truphone handset, Truphone will even automatically log on the next time you walk into a Surf and Sip hotspot - even if it's actually a new location to you. Your Truphone handset is really starting to look after your wallet."
• "We're also doing something new by removing the barriers to people using public Wi-Fi hotspots and making it easy. We don't make people sign up to anything, or enter credit card details, or do anything that makes it unattractive. It's easy: people need only to run the Truphone Wizard once, and then start making mobile phone calls while they wait for their coffee to cool down."
• "Truphone is good for both Wi-Fi hotspot operators and it's good for mobile phone users - especially those that like to chat over a great coffee."

Rick Ehrlinspiel, CEO at Surf and Sip, said:

• "Truphone and Surf and Sip are giving people what they want: low cost calls, on phones they like, from places they want to be."

• Picture: Caffe Nero coffee house
• Website: Surf and Sip
• Website: Truphone
• Picture: Chris Isaacs, Truphone

About Truphone

Truphone develops Internet Protocol-based (IP-based) mobile internet telephony, delivered by means of 3G mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks. The Truphone service enables free and low-cost calls for customers by routing calls via Wi-Fi and the Internet.

The service is presently in a 'beta' state and offers Voice-over-IP, SMS-over-IP and 'presence' capabilities. This beta service was announced in mid-2006, when Truphone became the first company to introduce true internet telephony for mass market mobile phones.

Truphone is the trading name of Software Cellular Network (SCN). SCN is privately owned, funded by both venture capital investment and angel investors.

Important information

Truphone is not a replacement for an ordinary telephone service and emergency calls cannot be made using Truphone. However Truphone does not prevent emergency calls being made via a handset’s normal cellular service provider.

Truphone cannot advise on the legality of VoIP services in specific territories or jurisdictions. It is the user's responsibility to confirm that use of the Truphone VoIP software and service is permitted in the location in which they use it.