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txtNation expands its Regulatory Support for Mobile Billing


txtNation, leading mobile billing and messaging aggregator has today announced that over recent months they have expanded their support team to include several new senior team members and have introduced new, improved regulatory focussed software. txtNation have recently added a compliance team manager, a local regulatory supervisor and several new technical support staff to their highly skilled and knowledgeable support team.

txtNation SD - txtNation's Support and Development platform and division has increased its size in-line with the sharp increase in its client base.

Michael Whelan, txtNation Director quotes, "With the industry regulations being different in many of our markets and mobile billing evolving at a fast pace, it's been important to make sure that we have the cover and ability to deal with our growing client base in these markets by giving them complete end to end expertise. This includes local advice, support and regulatory assistance for 'total' market compliance."

txtNation say their improved focus on providing their clients with expert compliance assistance is something that they have been working on for some time now. txtNation have invested in new key personal and automated software systems with the introduction of Goldeneye, a new bespoke piece of software for the online and offline capture of clients and network promotions, that works in collaboration with the parameters for compliance and support.

Michael Whelan, "Support is important for our clients but let's not forget, support to the mobile networks and working with the regulators is just as important. Our Goldeneye software, enables us to capture all services in real time that our clients are operating and allow us to offer them instant feedback and professional advice.”

txtNation have also released client satisfaction polls to gauge support success and welcome feedback into their support system, ultimately aimed at finding out if clients require extra assistance and then using this feedback to ensure clients remain compliant for all mobile billing related services.

txtNation, who work and connect directly with mobile networks in multiple markets worldwide, say the addition of these roles and technologies within their business has enabled them to get clients to market faster, with improved visibility on all aspects of the service providers mobile billing and messaging services.

This news comes on the back of the recent news that txtNation have invested in more technology for clients' customers as part of their commitment to Customer Care.

You can find out more about txtNation, its Mobile Billing solutions and more on txtNation's acclaimed support by visiting, emailing or calling +44 (0)1752 484 333. Latest news can be found on txtNation's blog at

About txtNation
txtNation is an outstanding multi award-winning solutions provider across mobile billing and messaging platforms. Focussing on sophisticated, ease-of-use solutions designed and supported by knowledgeable technical and customer support teams, txtNation have consistently proved itself one of the most efficient and cost effective messaging, billing and content providers in the business. txtNation's global reach means that we can facilitate mobile messaging services and products via the SMS Gateway across North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. txtNation have developed strong partnerships with many major industry leaders to ensure our solutions are compatible, well-connected and adequately secure. txtNation have well over 7000 clients large and small on every continent who are already experiencing the outstanding advantages which txtNation has to offer. txtNation's products and services increase customer acquisition, improve loyalty and build trusted brands and awareness through direct, personal, easy, and immediate communications.