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txtNation upgrades its HLR Lookup Gateway


txtNation have further improved their HLR Lookup gateway, with more options than ever before for clients looking for substantial commercial and technical improvements.

Often referred to as a Mobile Number Lookup or IMSI Query, improvements to the platform include more advanced API connectivity options; HTTP and SMPP options and also a new online platform; myHLR for service providers that do not want to facilitate an API connection.

This new online platform enables txtNation's clients to simply upload their mobile number database and perform a series of one-click actions to get their results, with advanced reporting facilities built in. txtNation commented that there were many businesses that wanted to use HLR that did not want to connect or bind to an API connection, with this the vision of their HLR online platform was coined and later developed.

By using txtNation to perform a HLR Lookup, companies can determine the mobile network of any mobile number. The updated platform also identifies disconnected, invalid, or non-mobile numbers, and can also be used to look at what country a mobile subscriber is roaming in at any given time.

Michael Whelan, txtNation Director quotes, "We have many new clients using our HLR lookup platform, all of which are benefiting from our new features and upgrades. We are taking a popular, niche solution and making it stronger. We are on target to be one of the largest HLR lookup providers and we are now performing thousands of HLR lookup requests per minute. A substantial increase in volume over the last several months.”

For many countries, txtNation have integrated an authoritative list of all mobile numbers that are ported in and ported out of an operator's assigned number range, meaning more precise reporting. Within all this txtNation have released their revised pricing model that they claim is very aggressive, while still maintaining a high quality of service, synonymous with their brand.

txtNation have also expanded the type of lookup options available for their clients, by now providing two types of mobile number lookup services, from the standard Mobile Number Portability lookup, which provides the MNC and MCC codes to the more advanced, Real Time HLR lookup that provides the IMSI and MSC.

You can find out more about txtNation, its HLR Lookup Gateway and more on txtNation's Mobile Billing and Messaging platform by visiting, emailing or calling +44 (0)1752 484 333. Latest news can be found on txtNation's blog at

About txtNation
txtNation is an outstanding multi award-winning solutions provider across mobile billing and messaging platforms. Focusing on sophisticated, ease-of-use solutions designed and supported by knowledgeable technical and customer support teams, txtNation has consistently proven itself one of the most efficient and cost effective messaging, billing and content providers in the business. txtNation's global reach means that we can facilitate mobile messaging services and products via the SMS Gateway across North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. txtNation have developed strong partnerships with many major industry leaders to ensure our solutions are compatible, well-connected and adequately secure. txtNation have well over 7000 clients large and small on every continent who are already experiencing the outstanding advantages which txtNation has to offer. txtNation's products and services increase customer acquisition, improve loyalty and build trusted brands and awareness through direct, personal, easy, and immediate communications.