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Volantis Welcomes Dave Raggett’s Appointment as Chair of W3C’s UWA Working Group


Newly Formed Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group to Build on Device Independent Authoring Initiative

Seattle, WASHINGTON, April 11, 2007 - Volantis, the world’s leading supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation™ solutions for the Mobile Information Age is pleased to announce that Dave Raggett, Principal Researcher at Volantis Systems has been appointed as Chair of the W3C Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group.  Dave is a W3C Fellow and has been closely involved with work on Web standards since 1992, contributing to HTML 3.2, 4.0, XHTML, MathML, XForms, and the W3C's work on voice and multimodal interaction.

The Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group was formed in March 2007.  The group will build upon the existing work of the former Device Independent Working Group (DIWG) with the aim of simplifying the creation of distributed Web applications involving a wide diversity of devices.

“The announcement of the UWA activity and working group marks the beginning of the next stage of initiatives to enable a broad range of devices to play an even more significant role in the Web,” said Volantis Chief Scientist Rhys Lewis, who also serves as W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) member and former Chair of DIWG. “With more and more devices capable of accessing the Web, the opportunity to support new types of distributed application is growing quickly. UWA’s work will make important contributions to this area.”
“Over the years, W3C has benefited greatly from the contributions of our members to our Fellows program,” explained Dr. Steve Bratt, W3C CEO. “By sponsoring Dave Raggett, Volantis makes an enormous and visible contribution to the progress of Web standards, and gives W3C the advantage of experienced technical leadership in the exciting field of UWA.”

The UWA will combine the existing device independent authoring work of DIWG with new work on remote eventing, device coordination and intent-based events to enable distributed applications across desktop computers, office equipment, home media appliances, mobile devices, physical sensors and effectors (including RFID and barcodes). Application areas include home monitoring and control, home entertainment, office equipment, mobile and automotive. For more information on the scope of work of the UWA please refer to the group’s charter:

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