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Releases for Flexera Software

A selection of the most recent releases from Flexera Software

Release Title Release Date
Flexera Adds Recurring Revenue Engine and Drives Subscriptions for SaaS, IoT and ISVs 22/05/2017
Flexera Issues New Warning about Future Ransomware Attacks Like WannaCry: Vulnerabilities are Increasing, and Users Aren’t Patching as Diligently 15/05/2017
Flexera Reimagines Software Supply Chain Safety – Embeds Open Source Security Scanning into Software Development Build Process 10/05/2017
images available with this releaseFlexera’s Enterprise Solution First to Integrate IT Asset & Security Management multimedia 04/04/2017
Flexera Software and Financial Services Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC) Jointly Deliver Software Vulnerability Intelligence to Financial, Legal Services, Utilities and Oil & Gas Industries 28/03/2017
Increase in Available Security Patches + Decrease in Patch Rates = Broken Software Supply Chain 13/03/2017
6.7 Percent of Programmes on Private UK PCs Are End-of-Life and No Longer Patched, According to New Secunia Research at Flexera Software Country Report 22/02/2017
Flexera Software Named Internet of Things (IoT) Enablement Company of the Year 07/02/2017
Ciena Implements Licensing Solution from Flexera Software to Simplify Customer Deployments of Programmable Networking Solutions 31/01/2017
Automated Upgrade Management Enables Software Vendors and IoT Companies to Drive Recurring Revenue and Prevent Maintenance Revenue Leakage 13/12/2016
Security vulnerabilities and the cloud redefining software asset management multimedia 06/12/2016
Is Your Security Software Secure? Not So Much. One Reason? Vulnerable Open Source Components 29/11/2016
New Secunia Research at Flexera Software Country Report: Windows Operating Systems vs. Non-Windows Applications – A Tale of Contrasting Vulnerability Risk 01/11/2016
Flexera Software Acquires Software Composition Analysis Provider, Palamida 27/10/2016
Pokémon GO or No Go? Mobile Games May Pose More Risks to Companies beyond Employee Distraction multimedia 18/10/2016
Flexera Software Launches App Portal 2016, Extending Software Asset Management to Improve User Experience, Save Money and Reduce Audit Risk 27/09/2016
Flexera Software Launches InstallShield 2016 to Transition Apps for Windows Store and Nano Server multimedia 15/09/2016
New Flexera Software Vulnerability Update: Vulnerabilities Remain High in Widely Used Operating Systems and Niche Products 08/09/2016
FlexNet Manager Suite 2016 Extends Software Asset Management (SAM) Reach - Helping Customers Navigate Microsoft Complexity, Subscriptions and Bundled Software 07/09/2016
Flexera Software’s App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow™ Turns Service Portal into an Enterprise App Store 17/08/2016