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Releases for Flexera Software

A selection of the most recent releases from Flexera Software

Release Title Release Date
images available with this releaseWannaCry Exposed Gaping Risk Window between Identifying Vulnerability Risk and Fixing It multimedia 20/06/2017
Get Faster Software Asset Management Value and Transparent IT Costs with Flexera Partner Webinars 14/06/2017
Better Together - "And, Flexera’s Partners of the Year Are…" 30/05/2017
Flexera Adds Recurring Revenue Engine and Drives Subscriptions for SaaS, IoT and ISVs 22/05/2017
Flexera Issues New Warning about Future Ransomware Attacks Like WannaCry: Vulnerabilities are Increasing, and Users Aren’t Patching as Diligently 15/05/2017
Flexera Reimagines Software Supply Chain Safety – Embeds Open Source Security Scanning into Software Development Build Process 10/05/2017
Flexera’s Enterprise Solution First to Integrate IT Asset & Security Management 04/04/2017
Flexera Software and Financial Services Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC) Jointly Deliver Software Vulnerability Intelligence to Financial, Legal Services, Utilities and Oil & Gas Industries 28/03/2017
Increase in Available Security Patches + Decrease in Patch Rates = Broken Software Supply Chain 13/03/2017
6.7 Percent of Programmes on Private UK PCs Are End-of-Life and No Longer Patched, According to New Secunia Research at Flexera Software Country Report 22/02/2017
Flexera Software Named Internet of Things (IoT) Enablement Company of the Year 07/02/2017
Ciena Implements Licensing Solution from Flexera Software to Simplify Customer Deployments of Programmable Networking Solutions 31/01/2017
Automated Upgrade Management Enables Software Vendors and IoT Companies to Drive Recurring Revenue and Prevent Maintenance Revenue Leakage 13/12/2016
Security vulnerabilities and the cloud redefining software asset management 06/12/2016
Is Your Security Software Secure? Not So Much. One Reason? Vulnerable Open Source Components 29/11/2016
New Secunia Research at Flexera Software Country Report: Windows Operating Systems vs. Non-Windows Applications – A Tale of Contrasting Vulnerability Risk 01/11/2016
Flexera Software Acquires Software Composition Analysis Provider, Palamida 27/10/2016
Pokémon GO or No Go? Mobile Games May Pose More Risks to Companies beyond Employee Distraction 18/10/2016
Flexera Software Launches App Portal 2016, Extending Software Asset Management to Improve User Experience, Save Money and Reduce Audit Risk 27/09/2016
Flexera Software Launches InstallShield 2016 to Transition Apps for Windows Store and Nano Server multimedia 15/09/2016