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Cenex to Host UK National Biomethane Conference

Cenex issued a press release announcing details of a two-day conference on biomethane that they are hosting at Loughborough University’s Holywell Park between the 3-4th June 2009. The event will showcase expertise covering the production of biomethane from organic waste, management of transport fleets and insights into the UK national biogas market. Cenex achieved coverage on Greenbang, an environmental blog which focuses on green innovation rather than environmental issues. Greenbang has a monthly readership of 70,000, making it an ideal location for Cenex to get their low carbon philosophy across to environmental enthusiasts.



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Cenex to host biomethane conference
Greenbang is a UK based blog which tracks the explosion of the environmental industry, providing news on green innovation and clever business people. 77% of Greenbang readers are employed and the other 23% are entrepreneurs. 54% of readers have control of a budget within their organisation and have purchasing authority for new technology.