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PA Newswire and Mediapoint website *

If you wish to distribute your release offline, you can take advantage of our partnership with The Press Association, the national news agency of the UK and Ireland.

The PA is relied upon and trusted by the media industry throughout the UK and is the national news agency. It supplies a wire feed directly to the newsrooms of every national and daily regional newspaper and 95% of broadcasters in the UK and Ireland. Their unique positioning at the heart of the media enables them to place your press releases and publicity images at the fingertips of thousands of influential journalists and editors.

In summary:

  • Nearly 38,000 journalists are exposed to the wire and use it to report the latest breaking news
  • 98% penetration in the UK printed news market
  • Nearly 1,000 press offices use the wire to monitor breaking news
  • Trusted by over 70 governmental bodies and political parties in the UK

Fast, efficient and resilient, the press release service uses dedicated channels on the PA's newswire to insert your words and pictures inside the editorial systems of the media. And the wire is backed up by a dedicated website for breaking news - Mediapoint - accessible free of charge to any member of the media worldwide.

* Please note that coverage monitoring is not currently available where The Press Association distribution service is used in isolation - however, online versions of offline publications are monitored as part of the RealWire service.

You can choose to use the Mediapoint service in isolation or in conjunction with the RealWire distribution service.

If you are looking to target the financial community, we also offer distribution via the Dow Jones Newswire.

Dow Jones Newswires distributes real-time business news, information, analysis, commentary and statistical data to financial professionals and investors worldwide. It publishes, on average, over 14,000 news items each day, which are distributed via terminals, trading platforms and websites reaching hundreds of thousands of financial professionals. This content also reaches millions of individual investors via customer portals and the intranets of brokerage and trading firms, as well as digital media publishers.

You can choose to use the Dow Jones service in isolation or in conjunction with the RealWire distribution service.

Translation Services - Creative Translation

The internet is truly a global medium; meaning English often isn't the language used for all online media publications. In fact, a piece of research carried out by Internet World Stats found that English only accounts for 26.8 percent of all internet users. This is why we have partnered with Creative Translation to offer a news release translation service to help your news achieve a far wider reach. 

Creative Translation’s team of specialist writers are professionally qualified and always translate into their mother tongue.

We've worked with Creative Translation to design an integrated process that delivers a fast, professional and efficient translation and approval service.

Once approved, your release will be distributed to relevant editorial and blogger contacts in their own language (unless you are using the translation service only).

Standard news release translations are in French, German, Italian and Spanish or from any of those languages into English. Other European and non-European languages are also available on request.