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Amir Zoufonoun

xalt Announces EX-s Series Gigabit Ethernet Microwave Radio Systems with New ETSI Platform Designed for IP/LTE Migration

Exalt Communications issued a press release announcing the EX-s Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) family of carrier-class, split-mount microwave radio systems for the 7 to 40 GHz ITU/ETSI bands. These new systems aim to provide mobile operators and enterprises new levels of backhaul upgrade flexibility and functionality. Exalt’s announcement was covered by the Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine, a site dedicated to publishing Broadband Wireless industry news, white papers, tutorials and many more sources of information. Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine has 123,013 unique visitors per month making it an ideal place for Exalt’s microwave radio systems to get read about.    


EditorialBroadband Wireless Exchange Magazine

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Exalt Announces EX-s Series Gigabit Ethernet Microwave Radio Systems Designed for IP/LTE Migration

Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine claims to be the largest web site in the world dedicated to the broadband wireless industry. It is an online publication that publishes news and many reference materials, such as  news, white papers, tutorials, business directories, a trade show calendar and many other sources of information that are related to the Broadband Wireless industry.