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Paolo Pescatore

Mobile Internet usage exploding thanks to obsession with Facebook and Twitter

CCS Insight found that the BBC iPlayer was the most wanted service by young adults surfing the mobile Internet. The piece was covered by, a site that focuses on and gives insight into how businesses use technology reaching over 752,000 unique visitors per month. 87% of these unique users make technology purchase decisions such as what services they would like on their Mobile, making an extremely relevant site for CCS Insight to gain coverage on.


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BBC's iPlayer is mobile's most wanted is the leading UK website for senior IT and business decision-makers seeking to assess and understand how technology can drive their business forward. Delivering top stories, breaking news and leading commentary and analysis, provides context and strategic insight into the key issues influencing how businesses use technology today. 87% of the audience is involved in technology purchase decisions. 84,000 readers are subscribed to receive newsletters.