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Arqiva to acquire Project Kangaroo platform assets

Arqiva issued a press release announcing their acquisition of Project Kangaroo's platform assets. The story was covered by C21 Media, a site based in the UK specialising in worldwide television news with over 40,000 unique broadcast professional visitors per month. C21 Media is read by a large number of industry professionals, so is a good place for Arqiva to have their news covered



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Arqiva ties down Kangaroo

C21 Media is an international publishing company specialising in worldwide television, media, and associated business information. is home to the International Entertainment Community. From first sight of new programmes in development around the world, to in-depth profiles, features and reports, is now a regular portal of call for the world's content production, distribution and broadcast community, as well as being the distribution point for other C21 initiatives. Programme buyers, producers, co-producers, channel managers, schedulers and commissioners use C21 to source the latest TV programming news and features. It has 22000 registered users.