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Storm in a tea cup

New science shows why Britons reach for the kettle in a crisis

Direct Line opted for a Social Media news release to reveal the results of their study into what Brits do in a crisis. The answer? Make a cup of tea! NetDoctor published the findings of this study on their website, which covers health and lifestyle issues. Being predominantly read by women, NetDoctor is the perfect place for Direct Line's study to be seen by a relevant audience whilst enjoying a nice cuppa!



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Tea is for trouble
NetDoctor is the UK’s leading independent health and lifestyle website, attracting more than 3 million unique users, reading 9.8 million page impressions every month. With thousands of pages of advice on all aspects of health and wellbeing, NetDoctor offers in-depth information that people can trust, written by experts in their respective fields. 76% of readers are female, and 89% of readers agree that family is the most important thing in life.