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Brits Waste 4.6 Million Hours A Day Commuting

Citrix Online's 'GoToMyPC' used a Social Media News Release (SMNR) to reveal the results of their research into daily commuting habits to coincide with National Commute Smart Week. The aim of this report is to encourage people to use other methods to get to work apart from trains and cars, which is why BusinessGreen picked up on the results and published them on their website. BusinessGreen targets businesses and SME's who want to reduce their carbon footprint, making this an extremely relevant site for Citrix Online to achieve exposure.



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UK workers waste 4.6 million hours a day commuting
BusinessGreen is a multimedia publication for firms intent on improving their environmental credentials. BusinessGreen is the first publication in the UK that is dedicated to green business information. BusinessGreen provides companies and business professionals with information on how to plan and undertake successful green initiatives that both cut costs and enhance the brand values of their organisations.