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Intec Solution Portfolio Powers WIND Mobile in Canada

Intec Telecom Solutions have announced the addition of Canadian mobile service provider WIND Mobile to its list of customers. This news was covered in an editorial piece by Mediacaster, the leading cable and telecommunications publication in Canada. Mediacaster's readership consists of industry decision makers, technical personnel and end users, making it an extremely relevant website for Intec Telecom Solutions to achieve coverage.



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Intec Business Solution Powers WIND Mobile in Canada
Mediacaster, formerly known as Cablecaster, is Canada’s number one cable magazine. It provides its readers with daily telecommunications and cable industry news headlines, full archives of current and past issues, industry links and an events calendar. Mediacaster’s editorial is directed to the technical and managerial readers in Canada’s cable and related markets. Mediacaster’s readership is made up of management and technical personnel, the people who use the equipment and those who have purchasing authority.