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OS Click Through Rates – Worldwide

Windows Mobile Edges Ahead Of Apple In Mobile Advertising Performance; Smaato Worldwide Index Reveals New Mobile Advertising Metrics Exclusively On MSearchGroove

Smaato’s Worldwide Index has just revealed that Windows Mobile is in the lead over Apple in mobile advertising performance. The announcement was covered by Mac News Network, a site that covers the latest industry news and reviews on anything Apple/Mac related. Mac News Network is a very relevant site for Smaato’s Index to gain coverage on as it will reach a large amount of Mac Users who may be interested in their latest survey. 


EditorialMac News Network

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iPhone advertising performance falls behind Windows Mobile
MACNN (Mac News Network) provides up to date news, articles and reviews on all things iPod and Macintosh: Apple, iTunes, iPod, mac industry, Apple-related, Mac, online music, iPod markets. Mac News Network is for anyone wanting Mac information. Readers include company executives, IT managers, consultants and end-users.