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Pixamba transforms microstock photography image management

The Pixamba Media Management platform has launched to help microstock photography users to manage their portfolio of licensed stock images effectively. Pixamba's aim was to create a service for photographers of all levels to be able to store and manage their images online, at an affordable cost. Pixamba gained exposure to a relevant audience of amateur and professional photographers by achieving coverage on Photography Blog - which reports on the latest industry news and reviews on the products and software available.


BlogPhotography Blog

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Pixamba Media Management Service Launches
Photography Blog started life in January 2003 with the sole purpose of being a weblog about photography. Photography Blog is run by professional photographer Mark Goldstein and the site has several key aims: to report on the latest photography news, both film and digital, both global and UK-based; to offer opinion on that news from the unique perspective of Mark Goldstein, and to allow readers to add their comments and opinion; to review digital cameras, printers, scanners, software and books. Photography Blog provides a meeting place for photographers of all abilities.