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Professor InGenius

Women and generation Xers, the smartest on Facebook

InGenius the new game for Facebook that analyzes memory, perception, maths and logic, has found that women and 31-50 year olds are the cleverest users of social networks. The finding’s were covered by Spawn Point, a site dedicated to gaming industry news aimed at gaming enthusiasts. Spawn Point will reach a large number of gamers who may wish to prove the stats wrong and take InGenius’s Facebook tests. 


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InGenius launches on Facebook, designed to put your brain to the test
Spawn Point is a media portal developed specifically for the casual and hardcore gaming audiences in North America and Europe. Developed and Managed by PHXX in partnership with PEER 1, provides gamers with access to the latest and greatest game titles, for PC, XBOX360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii, Reviews, Previews, Game Demos and Downloads, Video and Trailers and news releases.