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Stealth M600

MXI Security's Stealth M600 Encrypted USB Flash Drive receives CESG CAPS Certification

MXI Security's Stealth m600 encrypted USB flash drive has received official CESG CAPS certification. This is a major breakthrough, especially for UK Government agencies, as they can now have access to an encrypted USB device designed to tackle head-on the increasing number of threats to Government security. This new phenomenon will appeal to the readers of Everything USB, a blog which features news on all of the latest USB technology, and is read by both consumers and IT professionals.


BlogEverything USB

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MXI Security Stealth M600 Passes UK Gov't Security Test
Everything USB is a blog which focuses on the latest developments of Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology. It features news on hardware, USB apps and has an FAQ section. Everything USB will attract a mixture of IT professionals and consumers who are interested in USB products. Everything USB was recognized by PC Magazine in 2007 and 2008 as one of the top 100 undiscovered websites and one of the top 100 favourite blogs respectively as well as NY Times, USA Today, PCWorld.