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LG Cookie Series

LG Cookie First Touchphone Series For Generation Z

LG Electronics (LG) announced the release of the LG Cookie Series including the Cookie, Cookie Style and Cookie 3G. The Series has been designed to target a young connected market with all handsets featuring a touch-screen, versatile texting and wider support for social networking; something that is imperative to the lifestyles of many mobile users today. The story gained editorial coverage on Mobile Today, a UK site with a readership consisting of manufacturers, operators, distributors, dealers and retailers in the industry.


EditorialMobile Today

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LG adds to Cookie range for September
Mobile Today is the online presence of Mobile Magazine, the leading newspaper for the UK cellular sector. Mobile Today is one of the UK’s top sites for the latest news on appointments, products and deals in the Mobile industry offering both timely advice and commentary. The site has a large UK readership both online and offline consisting of key decision makers in this leading market sector.