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Shedding light on the world’s fastest growing energy market

County Durham Development Company (CDDC) has organised a conference, Solar Flair 10, for key leaders in the photovoltaic industry to meet and discuss the UK's future in the rapidly growing solar energy market. ElectroIQ, an online portal linking global resources relating to the electronics industry, such as Photovoltaics World, SolidState Techology and Advanced Packaging, covered the story. ElectroIQ is a great site for CDDC to achieve coverage on, as it will reach subscribers of Photovoltaics World, interested in solar market news, 67% of which have R&D or corporate management responsibility and would therefore be interested in the Solar Flair 10 conference.



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Shedding light on the world's fastest growing energy market
ElectroIQ is global portal for the latest electronics industry news, analysis and product information, focusing on electronics and electronics manufacturing. ElectroIQ provides a gateway to the content of five other PennWell brands, covering semiconductors, photovoltaics, packaging, nanotech/MEMS and surface mount technology. The website is aimed at professionals in the electronic industry.