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Scientific Breakthrough in Predicting Binding Affinities

BioSolveIT are to exclusively sell HYDE, a solution to predicting binding affinity in drug discovery. The new method was covered by Medical News, a website offering the latest medical news to healthcare professionals and patients. Medical News is therefore a relevant site for BioSolveIT to achieve coverage on as its news will reach over 2 million healthcare professionals who would be interested in the latest medical research.


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Scientific Breakthrough In Predicting Binding Affinities
Medical News Today is the largest independent health and medical news website on the Internet. Medical News Today is updated with more than 80 articles every day, 7 days a week - more than any other health news site. The site is divided into 106 medical categories/specialties allowing you to browse only the news relevant you. Advanced news archive searches allow you to quickly find the articles you want.