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KA-SAT satellite dish & modem

Eutelsat's KA-SAT High Throughput Satellite Goes Live

Eutelsat have officially marked the launch their new-generation Tooway™ broadband service by setting their KA-SAT throughput satellite live. This is a powerful new platform allowing Eutelsat to deliver high-bandwidth services to users beyond the range of terrestrial networks. This revolution will attract a wide audience of broadband users, like the readers of Satellite Evolution, who featured this launch in an editorial piece on their website.  


EditorialSatellite Evolution

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KA-SAT goes live
Satellite Evolution are a multi-platform information resource for the fast-moving satellite industry. Their portfolio of products encompasses print magazines, yearbooks and directories, weekly newsletter, web portal, and a video industry news service. Satellite Evolution receives an average of 120,585 page impressions and 16,918 individual visits per month.