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Jeremy Wallis

20% of UK virtualisation projects fail to reach storage, according to NetApp

Over 20% of virtualisation projects in the UK will fail to reach the storage stage, according to a study commission by NetApp. They surveyed over 200 IT decision makers as part of their research. The results of this survey will appeal to IT professionals with an interest in virtualisation and data storage, like the readers of who published these findings on their website.


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20% of UK Virtualization Projects Fail to Reach Storage, According to NetApp is dedicated to spreading the word about virtualisation, and hopes to keep the masses informed about all the latest trends, technologies, and news that relates to virtualization. This site would attract IT professionals and decision makers. has over 6,200 virtualization posts online, averages approximately 1.65 million page views per month, 13,000 visits per day and  has averaged more than 170 new articles every month.