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Panasonic Unveils The Toughpad FZ-A1: First In A Family Of Professional-Grade Android-Powered Tablets

Panasonic has unveiled its first professional-grade Android-powered tablet, the ToughPad FZ-A1 aimed at the enterprise market. Further information about this innovative new product features on Gizmodo UK, a useful blog providing the latest gadget news to both consumers and professionals.


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Panasonic Toughpad Rugged Tablet Wants to Go to War With You
Gizmodo is a gadget weblog which coverts news, new releases and quirky stories on all things tech. Topics include Apple, blu-ray, broadband, LCD, Hi-Fi, Games and mobile. GizmodoUK is aimed at a UK audience who are interested in the latest tech releases, they are likely to be consumers and early adopters as well as professionals.