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Disney's Wreck-It Ralph Heralds Return For Arcade Favourites!

With the release of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph movie next month, retro video games are back in the spotlight. Jakks' TV Games collects ten retro classics in a plug-and-play joystick format. The press release was featured on Develop, a games development resource that delivers priceless trade information to the global games development sector.



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Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Heralds Return For Arcade Favourites!
Develop is the only European-based website and magazine totally focused on the games development sector. It benefits from being able to drill down into technical subjects and agenda-setting issues, whilst offering valuable tips and information to its readers. It is written for creative staff working directly on game projects and using software tools on a daily basis, including programmers, designers, producers, artists, animators, quality assurance managers, testing executives, audio professionals, musicians and more.