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EUSANET solution

EUSANET and Eutelsat Broadband introduce groundbreaking satellite-based broadband solution for German communities...

Eutelsat Broadband and EUSANET have joined together to provide a new broadband solution for rural German communities by combining satellite-based Internet services with Wi-Fi networks. Further news on this partnership features on Microwave Engineering Europe, a news source for the engineering industry.


EditorialMicrowave Engineering Europe

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Satellite and Wi-Fi combine to deliver cost-effective broadband up to 100 Mbps in rural areas
Microwave Engineering Europe is the leading medium for reaching design engineers and management working in the RF, microwave and wireless industry in Europe. The highest quality editorial in MWEE guarantees that the magazine plays a pivotal role in designers’ and developers’ jobs, updating them on the latest technologies and allowing them to make valued and informed recommendation and
buying decisions.