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Ranplan WiFi & LTE

Ranplan enhances WiFi and cellular planning for indoor and outdoor networks

Ranplan, an innovative wireless technology company, have announced their ground-breaking iBuildNet professional tool which allows users to perform cross-system design and simulation between LTE and WiFi systems. More on this can be found on Total Telecom, a dedicated communications website that provides a link between end users and vendors.


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Ranplan enhances WiFi, cellular planning for indoor, outdoor networks
Total Telecom meets the information and research needs of the Global Communications industry, from breaking news to expert analysis. It is the leading communications link between end users and the vendors, carriers and resellers of telecommunications technology and services. Total Telecom Online provides breaking news, archives, research reports and more. The site keeps more than 100,000 monthly unique users worldwide up to date and in touch with the latest reports and events from the global communications industry.