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Lodestar – Pioneer Project

Project Lodestar Models A Pathway To Recycle 'All Plastic' Waste In An Advanced Plastics Reprocessing Facility

The results of Recycling Technologies' Project Lodestar show the potential for waste site operators to recycle 'all plastics'. More information features on British Plastics and Rubber, a specialist news publication for plastic processors.


EditorialBritish Plastics and Rubber

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Project Lodestar models a pathway to recycle 'all plastic' waste
British Plastics and Rubber (BP&R) is the UK's most trusted publication for plastic and rubber industry news, particularly from a technology perspective. BP&R is read by plastic processors in the UK and abroad. Readers comprise a cross section of UK and international contract and OEM processors including moulders, extruders, recyclers, compounders and many more.